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Comedy podcast by yours truly about Social issues, etc. We talk about the Myers Briggs test, Condoms in Porn, Jodie Foster’s speech at the Golden Globes, Quentin Tarantino’s claims about slavery, holocausts, violence in movies. Pro-gun activists’ stupid arguments. Not that we are anti-gun. mind you. With Jillian and Alaina. Commercials by Nandi and Caedmon. Skeets Treats. We count our holes. Channel our road rage, etc.

"She ate it all up, like a good girl."

"She ate it all up, like a good girl."

E is for EBN - Emergency Broadcast Network

This was no contest. This group released exactly one album in the early 90s. What makes them special is that all of the songs have a barrage and I mean BARRAGE of audio clips sampled from TV. I can only imagine the wall of VHS tapes in someone’s basement that they used to sample all of this crap from. Their band is probably the first example of what was to come with the advent of super fast computers and the internet which came AFTER these videos and songs were made. They are most famous for making a video for U2’s Zooropa tour which I will also post if I can find it.

They also made a car with a satellite dish on it that toured with Lollapalooza one year! 

Honorable Mentions - Egyptian Lover, Eurythmics

D is for Daft Punk - Around the World

I personally like Technologic a little better as a song, but this video is so fucking cute I just never get tired of it. Michel Gondry directs this video. He is sooper talented. Check out any of his videos and you will be impressed. He also directed Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Honorable Mentions - Dirty Sanchez was a close second place, Designer Drugs, Depeche Mode, 

C - Chemical Brothers - Hey Girl, Hey Boy

This one was hard… Chemical Brothers wins here because their videos and live stage shows are amazing. This song wins for the skeletal dance floor dance off!

Honorable Mentions- Cut Copy, Crystal Castles, The Cure 

B - Bis - Make It Through

Sorry, no music video here… they are too low budget, haha. This song is best played really loud in your bedroom for a private teenage type dance party under red lights with your best friend.